We are in need of off-season work....

Take advantage of our slow winter season and save!
* 20% off Labor, and 10% off materials
December 15th, 2017    -     February 28th, 2018!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at our web page.  We understand that you aren't thinking too much about your lawn right now.  But, we are really in need of some work.  There are many services we offer, that can be done this time of the year.  And, you can save some money by getting the work done now, rather than waiting.  See below for some ways we may be able to help you this winter.  Don't let price be the reason you don't call.  We'll work with you on the price.

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Landscaping: The winter is a great time to get landscaping done.
Plants can be added later, when it warms up. 

Service Normal Price Discounted
Winter Price
Landscaping $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour  
Rock Beds
$160 - $300
per ton
$144 - $270
per ton
Covers 100 sq. ft.,
(includes landscaping fabric.)
Mulch Installation $90-$100
per cubic yard
$81 - $90
per cubic yard
Covers 100 sq. ft. +,
landscaping fabric adds
$42.50 per 100 sq. ft., installed.
Steel Landscape Edging $3.50 per foot $3.15 per foot Materials and Installation
Pond Installation $40 per manhour $32 per man-hour  

Gutter Work:  The rainy days of spring are coming.  Let us help you make sure all that rain water drains safely away from your home's foundation.
Service Normal Price Discounted
Winter Price
Gutter Cleaning $60 single story
$48 single story
* Additional charges may apply if roof is too
steep to walk on, or downspouts require disassembly due to plugage.
Gutter Guard Installation
$3.50 per foot
$3.15 per foot of
 Screen type, Vinyl
$8-$10 per foot $7.20 - $9.00 per foot Materials and Installation
*Typically 10 ft. per downspout

Lawn Cleanup:  Still have some leaves around from the fall?  Or, maybe a pile of brush you'd like hauled off.  You don't have to wait until Spring to cleanup.  Let us take care of it now and save money.  We have the equipment to do the job efficiently and correctly.
Service Normal Price Discounted
Winter Price
Leaf Cleanup $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour All debris is hauled off!
Hauling off brush $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour "
Hauling off Junk $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour "
Tree Trimming $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour "
Tree Removal $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour "
Shrub Pruning $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour "
Shrub Removal $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour "
Pond Clean-Out $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour "

Seeding and Sod:  Did you know that winter is a great time to over-seed your lawn?  The freeze-thaw cycles cause the ground to heave, and this works the seed into the ground, improving seed to soil contact.  The seed will then germinate when the ground temperature warms up enough (late March/early April).  And normally the spring is rainy enough, that very little watering is required from you!  The same is true for sod!
Service Normal Price Discounted
Winter Price
Dormant Seeding $45
per 1,000 sq. ft.
per 1,000 sq. ft.
Slice/Seeding in 2 directions.
* Price includes seed and labor.
Sod Installation
$4.95 - $5.40
per square yard
$4.45 - $4.86
per square yard
* Price includes sod and labor.
(additional labor may be required to prepare ground)


Tractor Work:   Have any work for a tractor?  We have a compact tractor with a loader and several attachments.  Roto-tilling, brush-hogging, tear-outs, grading, and more.  Let us know what you need help with.


Service Normal Price Discounted
Winter Price
Roto-Tilling $65 per hour $52 per hour Get your garden ready for planting in spring!
Brush-Hogging $65 per hour $52 per hour  Have a field or tall grass
you'd like mowed down?
Tear-Outs $65 per hour $52 per hour Need a shrub or small stump removed?
and more
$65 per hour $52 per hour  


Inside Work:   Now, I know you probably don't think of a lawn care company as helping you out with work inside the house.  But with the manpower, trucks, and trailers we have, we could be of great use in helping you clean out and organize the garage, basement, or other areas of the house that need to be reclaimed.  We can haul junk off to the dump, or even take items of value to a Storage Shed, Pawn Shop, Flea Market, I Sold It on ebay, or the Good Will.  We can help you move, or pickup bulky items that you've purchased from the store.  Give us a shot!  If you're not satisfied, we won't be either.
Service Normal Price Discounted
Winter Price
Home Clean-out/
$40 per man-hour  $32 per man-hour Garage, Basement, or
Other Room  
Help Moving $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour  Or, Picking up Items
from the Store.
Hauling off Unwanted Items $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour  

Miscellaneous/Odd-Jobs:  Are there any other jobs you don't want to do, or think we could help with?  Let us know!  Also, if you can think of any other winter business ideas for us, let us know.  We'll give the person with the best idea, $500 in free lawncare, redeemable in 2016. 

Service Normal Price Discounted
Winter Price
Christmas Lights $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour
We'll put them up, and then take them back down, and
package them up for you!
Anything else you need done $40 per man-hour $32 per man-hour Don't be shy!