Seasoned Firewood!

Delivery to Topeka
(Delivery outside of this area is available for an additional charge)


It's getting cold out there!  Use firewood to help keep your home warm this winter!  Seasoned Firewood has many advantages:

Firewood is a cost-efficient way to heat your home,
    and firewood prices are fairly stable.
* Burning Firewood is enjoyable.
  Who doesn't like to cozy up to a nice warm fire?
* Firewood is a good backup heat source. 
    Firewood is not susceptible to power outages.

All of our firewood is good hardwood, seasoned at least 6 months.  Mixed Hardwood cuts include Oak, Ash, Hackberry, Locust, Walnut, and more.  Premium, All-Oak is also available for an additional 10%.  We cut and split our firewood well, so that it will fit in fireplaces, and is easy to handle. 

Seasoned or dry firewood has many benefits over green or freshly cut firewood. Dry wood is easier to light, creates more heat, and reduces creosote build-up in chimneys. 

With Green Boys LawnCare your firewood transaction will be convenient. Simply call-in, or email your order. We'll deliver the firewood to your home, cart it to your firewood rack, neatly stack it, and leave an invoice. See pricing table below.

How do I know how much firewood I need?
Good question.  Our wood is sold in cords and ricks (FYI - A face cord is another name for a rick).  A cord is a measurement of wood that when neatly stacked and rowed equals 128 cubic feet. This stack typically measures 4 feet tall by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, or its equivalent.  A rick is one row of logs stacked 4' tall by 8' long.   A rick is our most commonly purchased firewood amount, and is usually plenty for most homeowners who occasionally burn in their fireplaces.  Also, most firewood racks are built to hold a rick, or half a rick.   If you plan to do a lot of burning, or use a wood burning stove, then you'll probably want to look at getting a cord.  Please take a look at the diagrams below for better clarification.

              "Full Cord"                      "Rick, or Face Cord"
             neatly stacked logs                                 1 row of logs
                measuring 4' high,                      measuring 4' high  x 8' long
                4' deep, & 8' long          

Call us at 785-249-0121, or email  office to place your order today! 

Seasoned Hardwood Prices
(Includes Delivery and Stacking)

 Amount of Wood
H x D x L

 Mixed Hardwoods


1/2 Rick
1 row of logs, 4' x 4'



1 row of logs, 4' x 8'



 1/2 Cord
4' x 4' x 4' stack



4' x 4' x 8' stack



* If stacking requires going up stairs, carting long distances,
or going to areas that are difficult to access with a cart, 
additional fees may apply.

** Delivery outside Topeka area is an additional $25 fee.


Interested in purchasing some firewood, but don't have a firewood rack? No problem! We can bring a rack with your firewood order, assemble it, and place it in the location of your choosing. This is a good quality firewood rack that is affordably priced, and will last. The rack is made from tubular steel with a black weatherproof powdercoat finish. Racks come in two sizes, 4'x4' (holds 1/2 rick) and 4'x8' (holds a rick). A firewood rack is recommended to keep your wood off the ground,  and allow better air circulation.
Amount Firewood Rack Holds Size of Firewood Rack Price
(Includes Delivery & Installation)
1/2 Rick 4' tall x 4' wide $80
Rick 4' tall x 8' wide $120