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Mowing is our core business.  It's what we spend most of our time doing, and what we have the most experience in.  We believe our niche is in our flexibility.  Whether you have a large, multi-acre, commercial property, or a small city lot, we promise to listen to you, and mow your lawn the way you want it done.  For instance, if you want us to mow a certain direction, or you want us to change mowing directions periodically, that's no problem.  If you want your grass cut to a particular height, we'll adjust our mowing decks, at your request.   We'll even cut your front lawn at a diagonal direction, if you like!   We also clean out our decks and sharpen the blades on a regular basis, so your grass always gets a neat, clean cut.  And normally we mulch the grass, but if you want the clippings bagged (every cut or just once in a while), that's no problem.  

Our mowers are commercial grade and always well-maintained.   We use Ferris, Country Clipper, and Toro mowers ranging from 21" push mowers (for small properties) up to large zero-turn riding mowers (for larger properties).  We also have a 35HP Diesel Tractor with a Brush-Hog Mower for mowing fields.

String Trimming (Weed Eating)

In our opinion, the trimming makes the lawn!  Performed correctly (in conjunction with mowing), it really gives the lawn a neat and clean appearance.  And because of the skill involved in making the lawn look neat without scalping the grass, we have only our experienced crew members do the trimming.  And as in mowing, we try to go the extra step to maintain customer satisfaction!  For instance, we trim down unsightly weeds wherever they grow - such as cracks in driveways and patios.  We also find that customers prefer a clean, edged look along driveways and sidewalks.  So, we turn our trimmer head to cut in a vertical direction in these areas.

For most customers, we trim whenever we mow.  However, if you prefer, we can quote the two seperately, and trim with less frequency.

We also hear from people who don't mind mowing their own lawn, but hate to trim (weed eat).  If this describes you, we can help by coming periodically and just trimming for you.  Most of our customers that get this service, have us come about every 2-3 weeks.  


Blowing off driveways, patios, and sidewalks is performed every time we visit a property.  There is no additional charge for this service, it's just part of leaving the property in a neat and clean condition.

Stick Edging

If you are serious about having that clean, edged look along your driveways and sidewalks, then this service is for you!  We run a stick edger with a blade along your grass/concrete interfaces.  This makes a clean vertical cut, and digs out the dirt and debris to give you that clean, professional look.  Normally we perform this service for customers about once per month.  


At Green Boys LawnCare, we want to ensure that our services are providing benefit to our customers.  So, we will not lock you into a mowing schedule, and continue mowing whether your lawn needs it or not.   We are open to whatever mowing schedule meets your needs, and we are happy to adjust the schedule (at your request) to account for rainfall and seasonal changes.    For most customers, we mow every week or every 10 days.  Sometimes even a little more frequently in the spring.   Often times these customers will skip a mowing here or there in the summer (or during a dry period), or just cut back on the schedule.   This is fine, and we also have some customers who just call when they'd like their lawn mowed.   Normally, we can get to a call-in within 2-3 days.  We're also glad to do one time jobs, such as when you go on vacation or just get too busy.  Also, if there is a certain day of the week you like the lawn cut on, we'll do our best to comply (weather permitting of course). 


We do our best to keep prices low.  If we are higher than a competitor, let us know and we'll see if we can match their pricing.  The below table will give you an idea of our 2015 pricing.  However, we like to have a look at your lawn before making any final pricing arrangements.  Also, these prices are for regularly maintained lawns.  We'll probably have to ask for a higher price if the lawn is allowed to get tall.

 Entire Property Size


 (Including non-turf areas)

 Cost to Mow, Trim, & Edge

Small Properties  
   up to 8,000 square feet  $38
  each additional 1,000 square feet +$1.00
Large Properties  
  1-2 Acres $50-60 per Acre
  Larger than 2 Acres $35 - $50 per Acre
Rough, Field Mowing $60 per man-hour (2 hour minimum)
 On-Call Mowing or One-Time Jobs $45 per man-hour
 Neighbor Discount 10 to 25%

* Bagging of grass clippings is always available for an additional charge of $3.50 per 39 gallon yard bag.  This includes hauling away.  If you have a place on the property to dump the clippings, or let us leave the bags of grass clippings at your property, then the charge is reduced to $2.50 per bag.

* Initial Stick Edging is performed at our hourly rate of $45 per man-hour, and we can provide you an estimate.  If you have us perform stick edging regularly (such as once a month), we can give you a set price.

* The trimming (weed eating) only service is normally our minimum charge of $38.   We do have arrangements with some customers, where we trim their lawn for less, whenever we mow their neighbors lawn.  The reduced pricing is because we are already at the location, and no travel is required. 

* The Neighbor Discount is for properties located close to one another, that have their lawns mowed on the same day.  The properties must be close enough that they can be conveniently serviced with one stop of the truck and trailer.  For 2 properties, the discount is 10% each.  For 3 properties, the discount is 15% each.  For 4 or more properties, the discount is 20% each.

* $38 is always our minimum charge for traveling to a property and performing any work.


Monthly Billing:  We send out invoices once a month.  They go out at the beginning of the month, for all of the work completed the previous month.   All of the work that was completed, as well as the date it was completed, and price for each service, are detailed on your monthly invoice.  We ask that you pay the invoice upon receipt, but it's not late until after 30 days.