Landscape Edging:
Whether you're installing new landscaping, or want to clean up an existing landscape - edging is a good way to contain decorative rock or mulch, and keep the different aspects of your landscaping seperate. Steel edging, in green or brown , is one of the most cost effective and popular ways of doing this. Natural edging, bricks, rocks, or decorative stones are some other options. Ask to see our photos and samples.

Low-Maintenance Decorative Rock Beds:

Are you looking for low-maintenance landscaping?  Decorative Rock installed over 25 year professional landscaping fabric is the way to go. Great as a new landscape, or it can be incorporated into your existing landscaping. We can work around plants, or they can be added later if you chose.   You simply rake back the rock and cut a hole in the landscaping fabric. We have a good selection of decorative rock: Kansas River Rock (in various sizes), Colorado Cobblestone, and Arkansas White River Rock, to name a few. Ask to see our photo book and rock samples.

Why Decorative Rock beds are low maintenance?
* Rock does not have to be replenished
* Rock holds it's ground (rock is heavy and resists erosion)
* Rock is easy to clean out (leaves, grass clippings, etc. can be blown or raked out easily)
* Rock installed w/landscaping fabric resists weeds
Mulch Installation:
It's hard to beat the look of fresh mulch. Whether you'd like a new mulch bed with landscaping fabric installed, or just want to freshen up an existing mulch bed, we've got you covered. We have a good selection of mulches, including oak hardwood, cedar, cypess, red-dyed mulch, and more. Ask to see our photo book and samples.