Do you need your lawn repaired or thickened up?   You've come to the right place.  Green Boys Lawn Care offers slice/seeding and sod installation services, using only top quality seed, sod and fertilizer products, that are suited for this area.   

Over-Seeding of Existing Lawns:  Over-seeding is performed with a slice/seeder machine.  Core aeration can be performed prior to seeding, to help loosen the soil, but may not be required in all cases.  The lawn is slice-seeded in two directions, with ~10 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. turf-type tall fescue blended grass seed.   Starter fertilizer is recommended if the lawn is not already being treated regularly, to avoid over-fertilizing, and is available upon request.   Moisture is critical for seed establishment, so watering instructions are provided.  Straw applied over the top is beneficial in retaining moisture, which improves germination (especially in bare areas of the lawn), and is available upon request.

Click Here, for seed watering instructions.

Sod Installation:  While sod is a fair amount more expensive than seeding, it does leave a lot less to chance.  Sod will give you a nice lawn from day one, and it's not as susceptible to erosion and traffic during the establishment period like seeding.   If erosion is a concern, you have outside pets, a problem area in your lawn, or just want an instant lawn, sod may be the right option for you.  At Green Boys LawnCare, we'll prepare your ground, install high-quality Turf-Type Tall Fescue sod (Kentucky Blue Grass and Zoysia are also available) from local growers, and roll the sod when we are through.   Daily Watering is recommended for the first 3 weeks, and we'll leave watering instructions, so there is no confusion.

Click Here, for sod watering instructions.