Attention Business Owners and Property Managers in the Topeka area!

Your Lawn and Landscape are the first thing your customers see when they visit your business.  Are you making a good first impression?  Does the condition of your exterior, let your customers know that you take pride in your business?

Green Boys LawnCare wants to be your partner!   We are a full service Lawn & Landscape maintenance provider with many years of experience.  We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and reasonably-priced lawn care for your business!!  Please read on, to learn more about how we can work together to keep your property looking it's best.

For your protection, and peace of mind...
* We are a registered business, and pay state and federal taxes.
* We are licensed, and our pesticide applicators are certified by the KDOA.
* We carry $2,000,000 commercial liability insurance.
* Our employees are trained, and protected with Worker's Comp Insurance.

For your convenience...
* We offer annual Service Agreements, with set monthly payments, or you can pay as services are 
* Itemized Billing - so you know what services are performed each month.
* One company to deal with.  We can take care of all you lawn and landscape maintenance!

Our Services...
Green Boys LawnCare offers a wide range of services.  And, we know that each property and property owner have different needs.  So, we don't try to sell you services you don't need!   We listen to you, and then tailor our services to your specific needs. 

Mowing:          Mulching or Bagging.  Trimming, Edging, Blowing off Pavement.  Flexible Scheduling. 

Lawn Treatments:
     4 or 6 step Lawn Treatment Programs.

Lawn Renovation:    Slice/Seeding, Sod Installation, Core Aeration, Dethatching

Leaf Cleanup:          Vacuum-powered leaf cleanup for entire property. All debris hauled away.

Pruning:          Shrub Pruning and Tree Trimming.

Mulching:          New Mulch Installation, Mulch Replenishment, or Decorative Rock Installation.

Plantings:          Trees, shrubs, perrenials, annuals for seasonal color.

Weed Control:          Spraying or Pulling of Weeds.

Trash Cleanup:       Trash pickup from parking areas, landscaping and lawn.

Gutter Cleaning:      All Debris removed from roof, gutters, and downspouts.

Snow Removal:       Snow Removal and Ice Management.  24/7 Service.


"None of the other lawn care companies we've used have been as good as you guys [Green Boys LawnCare], and that's not hard to see!"   Cathy of Landmark

"I came to work today (Monday) and everyone was talking about how great the place looks. It has NEVER looked this good - not for the whole nine years I've worked here!"  Cathy of Landmark

"The landscaping, at the subdivision entrance, has not looked this good in years!  Thank you!!"  Linda of Prairie Trace Homes Association

"The Trees look great!!  Stuart of Douthett & Company

" The flowers look great, and we really like the way the lawn looks after you mow!  You really do a nice job of edging!!  Bobby of Sherwood Apartments

Working Together...

Cathy of Landmark was having problems with her current lawn care company.  "Customers tell us all the time that the property looks scraggly", she said.  "The shrubs are over-grown and weeds are not getting pulled.  By the time we call to complain, the weeds are huge.  They come and spray them, but the dead weed is still there, and it looks bad."  Green Boys Lawn Care listened to Cathy's concerns, and when we took over the lawn care of the property, we implemented shrub pruning 3 times per season, and weekly weed pulling (at the time of each mowing).   We were also able to do this without a price increase, and ever since Cathy has always been very happy with the way the bank property looks.   And, when they opened another bank branch, Cathy hired us without acquiring any other competitor bids.

When Robert of Lowman United Methodist Church couldn't find any church members interested in mowing their large multi-acred property anymore, he decided to go out for bids.  After receiving our bid, Robert came back to us and explained that we were much less than any of the other bidders.  He hired us, and even gave us an extra $25 per mowing.  He also explained to us a few issues they had with the people who'd done the mowing in the past, an area they had often missed, and such.  We listened, and he has been happy with our services ever since.   Robert also explained that due to the size of the property, they didn't really want to spend the money on a complete lawn treatment program.  They did; however, have Vacation Bible School and some other outside events in the summer, and chiggers had been a problem.  So, each year Green Boys LawnCare sprays crawling insect control on the church lawn, during the week prior to their Vacation Bible School.   We even add weed control to the spray, for a small additional fee, when the church requests it. 

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We'll work with you, to get your property looking the way you want it to look! 
And, we promise to treat you, the way we want to be treated!

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